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MetaBlast - Leaf Creatures

These are a couple creatures, a Tardigrade (a.k.a. waterbear) and a Nematode, I made for one of the leaf scenes. I sculpted and painted both models in Zbrush, and I bound a simple rig to each model in Maya. I did not add any controllers to these rigs because time was an issue and I would be animating them as well anyway. I created an idle and walking animation for the Tardigrade, and only an idle animation for the Nematode. We never ended up expanding upon those animations in later development.

Andrew navratil tardigrade 01

Tardigrade, front-left side.

Andrew navratil tardigrade 02

Tardigrade, underside.

Andrew navratil tardigrade 03

Tardigrade, back-right side.

Andrew navratil leafexterior tardigrade modeltexture
Andrew navratil nematode 03

Nematode front side.

Andrew navratil nematode 02

Nematode top down.

Andrew navratil leafexterior nematode modeltexture